Research Division on Frontier Materials

Professors Hirokazu TADA, Tetsuro KUSAMOTO, Hajime ISHIHARA
Associate Professors Ryo YAMADA, Hayato TSURUGI
lecturer Tomohiro YOKOYAMA
Assistant Professor Mamoru TAMURA

 Experimental Group for Molecular Electronics (H. Tada, R. Yamada, T. Ohto) 

We are working in the fields of molecular-based and molecular-scale electronics. Our research topics include light-emitting organic FET, molecular spintronics, nano-electric circuit, single-molecule conductance, 1/f noise in organic FET, Si-C hybridization, Si nano-wires and LT-STM/STS.

 Correlated Molecular Functions Group (T. Kusamoto, H. Tsurugi)  

The most exciting aspect of materials science is its diversity, which allows us to create various structures and functions by combining, linking, and arranging elements in virtually infinite ways. Our group is working on the design, synthesis, and arrangement of organic radicals and metal complexes to elucidate their correlated electrical, magnetic, and optical functions, as well as their catalytic functions. We aim to create new scientific principles and research areas in materials science through in-depth understanding and control of the behavior of electrons in materials, which is the origin of the functions of materials.

  Theoretical Group for Materials Science 1(H. Ishihara, T. Yokoyama)

If the diameter of the Earth were 1 meter, marble size would be around 1 nanometer. We are exploring physics phenomena arising from the peculiar interplay between light and such small nanoscale materials in theoretical methods. Our study will open the avenue to the future photo-electronics and photo-functional design.