Research Division on Dynamics of Nanoscale Materials

Professors Masaaki ASHIDA
Associate Professors Masaya NAGAI, Syoji ITO
Assistant Professors Yosuke MINOWA, Hikaru SAOTOME

 Experimental Group for Nanoscale Materials Coherence (M. Ashida, M. Nagai, Y. Minowa)

In view point of light-matter interaction, we investigate experimentally the dynamics and coherence of excited electrons, phonons and spins in nanoscale and low-dimensional materials of semiconductors, insulators and metals by means of various kinds of spectroscopic methods, such as time-resolved spectroscopy, nonlinear optical spectroscopy, coherent spectroscopy, single-particle spectroscopy, scanning near-field spectroscopy, etc. Based on the above investigation, we also fabricate new optical functional nanostructured materials.

 Experimental Group for Fluctuation Dynamics in Condensed Phase (S. Ito, H. Saotome)

The focus of our research is the ultrafast spectroscopic study of photophysical and photochemical processes in solution and glasses. To elucidate the dynamics of the solute-solvent interactions and fluctuation regulating the reaction profiles in chemical as well as biological processes, solvation dynamics, energy relaxation, electron transfer, photo-dissociation, photochromism and photo-conductivity are under investigation.