Research Center for Materials Science at Extreme Conditions

Professor (collaborative chair) Katsuya SHIMIZU
Associate Professor (collaborative chair) Tomoko KAGAYAMA
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Collaborative Chairs) Yuki NAKAMOTO
Assistant Professor (Collaborative Chair) Mari EINAGA

  Experimental Group for the Material Science at Extreme Conditions

We performed the generation of the combined extreme condition (high pressure, low temperature, and strong magnetic field) and measurements of physical-properties at the conditions. Educational research on the pressure-induced superconductivity under low-temperature and high-pressure, the magnetic phase transition under a low-temperature and strong magnetic field, and the crystal structure analysis under high pressure are done. There is a strong collaboration with the high-pressure division and the low-temperature division in the Research Center for Materials Science at Extreme Conditions, which has succeeded the long tradition of synthesizing new materials and studying their properties by means of the apparatus producing pressures exceeding 1 Mbar.

The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research(SANKEN)

Professor (Collaborative Chair) Hidekazu TANAKA
Associate Professor (Collaborative Chair) Teruo KANKI
Associate Professor (Collaborative Chair) Azusa HATTORI
Assistant professor (Collaborative Chair) Li Haobo

  Tanaka Group

We are developing new novel nanodevices baced on the functional materials (transition metal oxide) using the latest nanotechnology.