Scope of the Division

In order to create the basic science and engineering in the twenty-first century, it is necessary to investigate the fabrication of frontier materials and their new functionality in combination with physics and chemistry, especially in the research field of nanoscale materials. In this Division, based on materials physics and molecular chemistry which have excellent theoretical and experimental frameworks, we not only investigate various kinds of electronic and optical properties of materials and their new phenomena but also fabricate new kinds of materials, thus providing active research and educational programs to graduate school students who will be able to open the frontier fields of multidisciplinary materials science and its applications as researchers and engineers of wide outlooks.
Prof. M. Ashida, Division Head in 2022,


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2021.4    Prof. Kusakabe move to Univsersity of Hyogo. Previous Group HP

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Interactive Materials Science Cadet program

The Interactive Materials Science Cadet Program is a collaborative program designed to drive innovation in materials science research and business by preparing outstanding PhD students to assume leadership roles in industry, government, and academia.

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